YouTube – My Favorite Meditation Tool

YouTube – My Favorite Meditation Tool

It’s not denying the immense power meditation has and if you’ve ever tried it, you are probably hooked. But it’s not an easy task to learn. My favorite way to ease clients into meditating (and my favorite way to do it on my own) is with guided meditations on YouTube.

There are thousands of videos on guided mediation ranging from anything, and by just simply typing in “guided meditation for”, you’re presented with tons of options. Below I have a few of my favorite mediations!

The first two on this list are mainly because of their length. If you can’t find 10 minutes a day to sit down and disconnect, well sister friend we got other battles to cover. In fact my intensives are great for this *shameless plug*

Anyways… The first one is to rebalance your Chakras for an overall positive feeling. I like to do this meditation during lunch when you just need a quick refresher.


While this one is a bit shorter, is isn’t focused on the Chakras and instead goes for an overall power mind shift, perfect for heading into work or after a stressful meeting.


The next two videos both focus on erasing self-doubt and that horrible imposter syndrome we entrepreneurs suffer from so often.


As they say, saving the best for last, this video is probably my all time favorite. Clocking in around 30 minutes this meditation gets deep into the subconscious to attack those feelings that hold you back from living your truest self. I love to do get this meditation in once a month for a good reset on things. It’s especially great to do before you set your monthly goals.


That wraps up my favorite guided meditations on YouTube, I hope you find this meditations helpful and I’d love to know your favorite one outside of this list!