Time to change your mind about social media

Time to change your mind about social media

So, you made social media accounts and now what? I hear it all the time, “I just don’t know how to get my social media going, it’s so overwhelming”. As a result, most people make their accounts, post once in awhile, and scroll depressingly at everyone else who “has it together”. 


You mean you didn’t know you were also the VP of Marketing now? When you own your business (unless you contract out or have grown enough to hire someone) you are the sole person for managing the marketing. Let’s take a look at any current successful company, and more importantly, their social media accounts. Hint hint: there is a pattern

1. They post consistently
2. The posts have a purpose
3. They’re aimed at their target market (If you just muttered “what’s that?”. you are not ready to be running your social media)

Your social media is a marketing tool and if you’re not using it strategically and purposefully, it’s just a waste of time, and therefore money. But what does that even mean… strategic marketing? Plain and simple: marketing with a plan. When you look at your Instagram feed, does it look cohesive? Would it attract your ideal client? Does it make your ideal client want to buy? Are you providing your client something to do (buy, share, comment etc)? Are you posting across all platforms or just one? If the answer to any of these is no, you are not strategically marketing. 


Oh, you’ve been wondering how to increase your SEO but aren’t using your social media? Guess what, you’re giving about 25% effort then. Don’t believe me?

Let’s say you have 350 Facebook followers, and that’s the only place you post. At most you’re going to reach around 700 people. Now, instead let’s say you have 350 Facebook followers, 150 Instagram followers, 75 Twitter followers, and 160 Pinterest followers… don’t make me do the math of how many people you’re able to reach now. And all of these people are now being directed back to your website and increasing your traffic. The more you can plug your product/service to your clients and attract them, the more business you’re going to do. 


It’s not helping you to just write off this crucial business aspect. There is no magic way to double your followers (unless you pay for them, and trust me, your clients know). You have to know your clients and how they engage. You got to set some goals, and you got to go get them!

Now go out there and get your social media going!