Website in a weekend

Got a weekend? Get a website!

With The Weekender Website


What if you could have a high converting website built over the weekend? You’ll get the template and the training to build your website in less than 2 days.



Now only $34*

*price raises to $57 8/10/2020

Does any of this sound like you?


All you want is someone to tell you exactly what to put on your website and how to do it.


You’re tired of having to jump through hoops and ladders just to have a website that looks good and works (oh and that you can actually update yourself).


You don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles, you just want it done, and quickly.

website in a weekend
website in a weekend

But what if there was a way to have a simple high converting website setup in just under 2 days?


That’s exactly why I created the weekender website because I want you to have the essentials you need to get your website built and running quickly. All while having the option to build on more later.


So if you want a simple, high covering website that looks good, and actually works, oh and all in under 2 days. Then click below to get started!

This is a program to help you get a simple website setup in under 2 days.


  • You’ll get a fully customizable 4 page WordPress theme.
  • Complete with a plug and play template for a high converting homepage
  • A video tutorial that walks you through exactly how to set it all up and build your pages
  • A stock photo guide
  • A plugin guide
  • And a website building checklist!
A custom template

Giving you exactly the pages you need to get going (and be compliant, ahem privacy policy). You'll get a custom built WordPress theme with a home page, a secondary page that can be used as an about or services page, a contact page, and a privacy policy page.

pre-designed features

Pick from over 25+ already built page areas to fill with your own content.

Fill in templates

Don't spend a second longer guessing what to put on your pages. I tell you exactly what to put and where to put it. All you have to do is fill out the template, and the paste in the information into the blocks mentioned above.

Video tutorials

You don't think I'd make you go through this blind do you? Of course not! I walk you through every aspect of getting your website set up. From how to install the theme, to creating your copy, picking your images, and even what plugins you want to be using.

Stock It To Them

Quality graphics are essential to a good website. But you don't have to break the bank to get them. My guide walks you through the best places to find unique, high quality graphics. And exactly how to search for the ones you need.

Plugin Along

Plugins are your key to adding enhanced features to your website. My Plugin Along guide tells you what plugins you can't live without, plugins to think about, ones that I swear by, and how to always find the best one.

Weekender List

You won't skip a single step in the building process with my handy dandy Weekender List, a checklist to make sure you don't miss anything along the way.

Online Support

A support group of people also on the website building journey. Come here to ask your questions, get feedback, and access support from myself and others.



Hey there! I am Ashley Nassar, owner of a 6 figure digital marketing agency, a course creator, and I have been building websites for over 17 years.


So, to say I’ve built my fair share of websites, would be an understatement


But the world has turned to unprecedented times, and businesses are needing (now more than ever) a good looking, easy to use, high converting website. And they need it like NOW.


I created this because I wanted businesses (or anyone) to be able to just fill in some blanks, make a few selections, follow a few instructions, and in under a weekend; set up their business online.


Enter The Weekender Website.

website in a weekend

how does this work?


Once you purchase the program, you’ll receive an email with information to access the all of the program materials. In there will also be video tutorials to walk you through each step and action you need to take. All you need to do is download the materials, and then follow along with the videos as I walk you through building your website.



how can this help me?


In less than 48 hours you’ll have a high converting website, that’s easy to use and will allow you to grow your website as you’re ready. I’ll give you every resource to go from nothing to fully built.



what do i get with this?


You’ll get a custom built wordpress theme, fill in the blank templates to plan out your converting content, already built page blocks to fill in with your amazing new content. Two guides so you to find the best stock photos and plugins for your website. A checklist to make sure we don’t miss anything, and a support group to cheer you on along the way.



will this work if I already have a website and theme?


Yes! The pre designed page blocks are created with WordPress’s built in page builder, Gutenberg. So you can use them on any WordPress website, and with any theme you alread have.

how long do i have access?


Forrreevvvveeeerrrrrr. No but seriously, you’ll never loose access to this, and I’ll keep it updated as WordPress changes!



can I use this with no tech skills?


Oh yess. I provide you with every single tech piece you need, and walk you through exactly how to set it all up so it works flawlessly!



will I need anything with this?


All you’ll need is a host and domain (but I tell you where to get that), and you can get a quality product with the best security, fastest load speed, additional products (like your SSL, daily website backups, and free email), as well as the most thorough support teams, all for around $10/month.



will I be able to add more to my website?


Absolutely, you can create as many pages as you’d like, and use the already built page blocks anywhere you want.

Who is this for?

side hustlers

If you're running a business on the side, you need a website to do the work even when you can't physically be there. A website allows you to sell your products or services no matter where you are or what you're doing. Let your website do the hustling while you relax a little bit more. Now that's the weekend we're really looking for!

new businesses

When starting a new business, it's so important to clearly tell people who you are and what you do. Your website (when built with this program) will tell them who you are, what you do, and why they need you to help them with their issues. And that's how you become a house hold name!

established businesses

No matter how long your business has been around, your website is often times the first place a potential client will find you. It's crucial that your website represents the brand you have spent so long and hard establishing!

brick & mortar

As a physical business, your website is often the first place a new customer is going to look for you at. Quickly tell them what it is you do, how you can help them, and why they need to actually come visit you in person.

online stores

Online businesses need a website because it's the only place you own your customers. Social media isn't enough, and if those platforms disappeared tomorrow you would have no way represent your business. Have full control over the only presence you 100% own!

Here’s how this works:

  • 1

    Click the button below to purchase The Weekender Website
  • 2

    You will receive an email to access the theme, templates, video training, workbooks, and guides
  • 3

    Watch the video and follow the step by step instructions to build your website in less than 2 days

Imagine where you could be in just two days


Imagine having all of the content you need on your website to convert your dream clients.


Being able to finally do it all yourself with just a few clicks.


How many more people could learn about your services?


How many more people could buy your products?


All in just one weekend.


Get The Weekender Website today while it’s only $34, the prices goes up in one week!
Website in a weekend