The 5 Types Of Content You Need

There are different styles of content marketing that work for different businesses. The right type of content marketing for you depends on your offer, your target audience and your own communication style. To learn more about your options, this post will point you towards some key types of content marketing for small businesses.

Types Of Content

If you have a business, then you probably know how hard it can be to get your name and offer into the minds of your target audience. They’re bombarded by advertising and marketing messages everywhere they turn.

Content marketing is about creatin valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience; and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action. This can include blog posts, guides, whitepapers, videos, webinars, and more. Anything that helps you attract new customers and grow your existing business by providing value to current and potential clients. While inbound marketing is in some ways a lot easier, it’s often very time-consuming. The key to successful inbound marketing is content. Here are the key types of content to consider for your small business.


Blogs are used to create an online presence for your business. They allow you to express your thoughts and discuss current events on your website to help bring greater value to your audience. Blogs can help generate leads by providing helpful information about your products, services, and industries; as well as, demonstrate that you are an authority in your field. Blogs are an amazing tool to help build SEO for your website and drive organic traffic through quality content.

Social Media Posts

Your social media should be viewed as a platform for engaging with your audience. You should share valuable content that will enrich the knowledge of your followers. This way you are contributing something of value to your audience, creating a space where they can have honest conversations. Building trust in your company leads to the growth of followers who become natural brand ambassadors.


Videos are a powerful marketing tool. It lets you make a personal connection with potential customers by demonstrating what your company does, and who you are in an entertaining and effective manner. In addition, videos offer a unique opportunity to increase the amount of time people spend on your website. As a result, longer exposure works well to build trust and show search engines that you produce quality content.


The audio-based medium of podcasting can be an important marketing tool for small businesses. Podcasting has the potential to grow your following, control your message, and enhance your reputation. Many small businesses use podcasts to generate interest in their products or services. It is also a way to connect on a personal level.


A download is typically an ebook, a checklist, a worksheet, or any other type of content that can be downloaded from your website. This is a great way to show your readers that you’re trustworthy, valuable, and credible by helping them solve their problems. If you want to build your customer email base, a good way to do this is by offering something in exchange for their contact information.

Content marketing is an essential part of your marketing strategy if you want to succeed with a small business. If you do it right, you can reach and interact with an audience and get them so excited about your brand and offerings. As long as you are providing true value to your audience, they will return the favor by giving you their attention.

The right mix of different types of content will not only give your small business a competitive advantage over its rivals, but it will also build trust and loyalty from consumers. By targeting the right audience, developing a strong content strategy, and optimizing your reach for maximum exposure, you’ll be well on your way to future growth.

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