Is it Time to Rebrand?

Is it Time to Rebrand?

There’s a lot of buzz lately about rebranding and it might have you wondering, “is it time to rebrand?”. This is no light hearted task and it’s important to be carried out the right way.

First and foremost though, you need to understand what branding is. This is not just your logo folks (although it is a big part of it). Your branding is everything your company says, from its mission, to social media, to the logo and business cards, down to the very way you market and execute your SEO. (check this infographic) It is about how your company makes your clients feel when they come into your domain. It’s not just making a pretty logo with cute fonts and calling it a day. Take the time think about your ideal client and what they’re looking for when buying.

If you’ve been considering whether it may be time to rebrand, then take a look below to see. 



1. You need to change your audience – This is a two parter, it could be due to growth, or lack of growth. Has your company recently grown more rapidly than expected and now your brand doesn’t represent your company’s new growth? Time to change that baby up and make sure all aspects of your company reflect its success. Not attracting your target audience? Maybe your brand is missing the oomph it needs. I see this all the time, great people/company/product and horrible branding.

Okay let’s take a pause really quick. How do you know if you’re not attracting your ideal client?

You have a lot of traffic to your site but no conversions. 

Sales have dropped

People have stopped asking you questions about your products

2. Your product is changing – This could mean a few things. Perhaps you’ve always sold invitations and signage, but now you’re offering hand lettered ceramics and they’re taking off. This might be a good time to rebrand if you’re going to pursue ceramics as a main revenue. It could also mean your current products aren’t selling and you need to change it up. Don’t hurt yourself by taking the time to refine what you offer, but not what your branding is.

3. Your brand is not sustainable – When we hear sustainable we normally think of the environment and oil. Not the case here. What it does mean is that your brand is not going to live the next 5 years. Did you pick fonts or patterns based on a current trend? While I’m not saying it’s going out of style tomorrow, it most likely will not be in style 5 years from now.  

It’s a lot to consider, but if you take nothing else from this; keep your ideal client at the front of your mind when considering rebranding.