Build Your Brand Through Instagram Communities

Build Your Brand Through Instagram Communities

I talk a lot about branding and what that means. I’ve also talked about social media and its role in your SEO. So let’s combine the two, and specifically how you can build your brand with Instagram communities.

Manta released a report this past October, finding that only 24% of small business owners used Instagram.

Social media is in a shift to visual content. If your customers can’t see something with what you’re saying, chances are they aren’t even seeing what you’re saying. Instagram is the top dog here because it is only visual content. All other platforms allow for you to include a photo, but none of them rely only on that. Without a visual element, there is no Instagram post.

But why does this even matter to build your brand?


Instragram allows a business to not only display their products, it allows for them to show the human side of their company in an informal way. This goes a long way with customers’ trust of your brand. People want to buy from other people, not just a faceless name. When they can associate your product to you, you build your brand.


Instagram creates engagement 58 times more than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter, according to Izideo. Need I go on? Instagram is eye catching. A great product photo, or inspiring quote catches attention and avoids the ever absently scrolling.


Did you know Instagram allows you to share across several platforms? If you connect your other social media accounts, with just one tap it’s being shared across them all. With your website link in your bio (great call to action), it makes it easy for a user to find an interesting photo and then access your website for purchase or more info. Ahem, this also increases SEO!!


Yes, you read that correctly. It’s free. Companies spend A LOT of money on advertising, but with Instagram it’s free. You simple post your product and voila; advertising.

Building your brand takes a lot of steps, but using Instagram makes the whole thing a lot easier.