Blogging, 2018’s Best SEO Tool – Part 1 of Blogging Series

Blogging, 2018’s Best SEO Tool – Part 1 of Blogging Series

Hello wonderful friends! I know you should have been reading this yesterday, but I had some slight technical difficulties making that impossible… So here we are today! Don’t worry we’ll be on schedule the rest of the week. Today on the first part of my blogging series – Blogging, 2018’s Best SEO Tool, I’m going to get to the heart of it; you need to be blogging to boost your SEO.


If you haven’t hopped on the SEO train, all aboard ladies and gentlemen. You need to be on it, and you need to have been on it yesterday. The problem is SEO is a tricky concept and there’s a lot that goes into it, from social media to backlinks to yes, you guessed it, your blog. Ramsay at BlogTyrant has an amazing article on SEO for idiots (although none of you dear friends are that!) that will definitely help your understanding. Go read this and then come back so some of this will make more sense.

Plain and simple, a blog allows you to include majority of the aspects that Google is looking for when it crawls. It’s the single handle easiest way to show you’re providing a resource to your users. A blog can cover so many topics that your audience should never stop growing. It builds trust with your users, brings in traffic and builds your brand. Killing three birds with one stone!


Knowing your audience and who you want to attract is the single most important step to having a successful blog and good SEO. Once you know who your audience is, start to think as them. What topics would interest your ideal client? What type of keyword searches are they doing? How can you be the most valuable to them? This should get your brain thinking and coming up with plenty of blog ideas.


Funny you should ask (ha!) The next step is promoting your blog, which happens to be our next topic on the blogging series. So make sure to check in tomorrow to read all about it!