Best 2019 Gifts for the Boss in your life

Best 2019 Gifts for the Boss in your life

Well hey there! I am so excited that you found you way to my business and this guide. I hope this helps you, and those who love you to shop. This guide is filled with all the things a boss could need. from business to personal, it’s all in here with the best deals I could find! I always aim to provide the best resources to help make your life a little easier. If there’s something missing here, Please reach out and let me know!

*The following content contains affiliate links. I get a small monetary kickback if your purchase via them.

Table Of Contents

  1. Business
    1. Technical
    2. Business Systems
    3. Website
    4. Branding/Marketing
    5. Finance
    6. For Your Office
    7. Social Media
    8. Legal and Taxes
    9. Books
  2. Personal
    1. Time Management
    2. Self-Care
    3. Staying Caffeinated
    4. Eating Healthy
    5. Books



Laptops – No boss is complete with a fully functioning laptop to crush all those business goals! While a desktop might be nice, you can’t lug that through the airport while jetting around the country closing deals. I’m an apple addict, from their support to their security; it’s the only tech products I use. This renewed MacBook accomplishes everything you need without breaking the bank.

Not a Mac fan? View the best laptops on Amazon

Tablets – These days a tablet is just as powerful if not more than laptops. It’s also lighter and easier to pack. I love the Kindle!

Not a fan? View the best tablets on Amazon

Tile Mate – Do you have a habit of losing things? The last thing a boss needs is one more thing to remember. Attach a tile to the things you misplace most often and never worry again!

External Storage – If you’ve ever saved like one photo and a video on your computer, then you know how fast the memory can be used up. External storage solves that issue! Plug into your computer, save your most important files, and always have them on hand!

Not a fan? View the best external storage on Amazon

Bluetooth Headphones – There is nothing that pains a boss more than to have more cords on their desk. Get rid of the cords and still enjoy your favorite podcast, or jam out to raddest songs without the rest of your office knowing! These headphones are a better dupe of the Apple AirPods for half the price. And how gorgeous is that gold??

Not a fan? View the best bluetooth headphones on Amazon

Wi=Fi Doorbell – You know that feeling. The doorbell rings and you’re not expecting anyone, but suddenly you’re stopping mid email and sprinting to the door… Only to find out it was the USPS driver, or worse a pesky sales person. Put that to rest with a Wi-Fi doorbell that let’s you see exactly who is ringing, right from your phone (or Alexa)!

Not a fan? View the best wi-fi doorbells on Amazon

Smart Watch – From tracking steps, to reminding you to stand up, and about that meeting in 10 minutes, a smart watch is a boss’ secret weapon. Shoot an email from your wrist, make helpful reminders, and stay healthy. It’s an all-in-one boss dream.

Not a fan? View the best smart watches on Amazon

USB Adaptors – If you’ve purchased a laptop in the last 5 years, it’s very likely you’ve noticed less and less USB ports, which can make life difficult when you just need to pull that file from that one thumb-drive. Add as many ports as you need while only using one USB port on your laptop.

Not a fan? View the best USB adaptors on Amazon

Portable Charger – There isn’t much worse than seeing the dreaded “Low-Battery” and not being anywhere near a charger. Keep one on you all the time with a small portable charger, and never be in fear again!

Not a fan? View the best portable chargers on Amazon

Wi-Fi Printer – Print from anywhere (as long as you’re on the same wifi network) and never have to run to the printer again.

Not a fan? View the best wi-fi printers on Amazon

Recording Microphone – Whether becoming a podcast star, or just taking calls on your computer, a recording microphone will take you to next level bossing.

Not a fan? View the best recording microphones on Amazon

Business Systems

CRM – Do you have a process setup to manage your client relations? Having to send off every item and have clients in 5 different systems is a headache to say the least. Dubsado takes all the headache away! From lead generation to invoicing, this system does it all! Get Dubsado!

Email Management – If you want to grow your business, stay in touch with potential clients, or blast your latest blog post; then you need an email management system to manage those contacts and schedule those blasts! Mailchimp is by far the best in the game, and free through 2,000 email subscribers. It has pre-built templates, segmenting, automation, and more!
Get MailChimp

All-In-One – So maybe you’re really ready to step it up and manage every. single. aspect. of your business marketing in one place. I’m talking CRM, CMS, email management, website management, and more! Then you need HubSpot my friend!
Get HubSpot!


Hosting – Your hosting plan is without a doubt one of the most important factors in how your website runs. And SiteGround has without a doubt the best hosting plans around, With a 99.9% uptime rate you can sleep soundly knowing your website is running. Plus, it includes your SSL (the thing that makes your website have HTTPS before it), email, and the best security and support around. The cherry on top?? From Nov 29 through Dec 2 you can get hosting plans for 75% off!!
Get SiteGround!

WordPress Themes – There’s no question WordPress is one of the best website platforms around, and it’s free! But you can take it to the next level with a Pro theme, instead of using a free one that comes with it. And ThemeForest has the best selection around! With thousands of themes to choose from in every industry that exists, there’s a theme for you.
Get a Theme!

Graphics – Quality graphics are a major game changer for your website. But shelling out $$ for a professional shoot might not be in your budget right now (although I cannot recommend doing this for yourself or your boss!).

  • Creative Market – I absolutely love Creative Market for graphics, fonts, and all things pretty! Buy your boss credits to spend on themselves or get yourself some new website graphics. Shop Creative Market!
  • Adobe Stock – Adobe Stock is a mega-source of stock items to purchase. With a wide variety of photos and templates you should have no issue finding what you need! Start with Adobe Stock!
  • Unsplash – An amazing source of free images that are modern and diverse! View Unsplash now.

Branding & Marketing

Marketing Materials – All bosses need marketing materials that attract and awe, and at Moo they help you do just that. Their designs, options, and products surpass any other online printer. Get started with Moo now!

Branding Graphics – For the quickest graphics that are always on brand, look no further than Canva. The free version is great but for $12/month the Pro version is worth every penny. Upload your own fonts, turn graphics into gifs, and more! Get Canva!

Rent The Runway – If you’re constantly presenting in front of people, or just hate wearing the same thing again then you need Rent The Runway! Perfect for one-time needs or treat yourself to their unlimited program and trade out new clothes whenever you want! Get Rent The Runway!

Laptop Bag – Always be on brand when meeting with clients by carrying your stuff in an on-brand bag! Shop laptop bags!


Quickbooks – Managing money as a business owner is probably not your expertise unless you own a finance business! Quickbooks takes the guesswork out of managing your money and filing taxes since it’s part of the Turbo Tax suite! Get the bookkeeper your business has so desperately needed! Get Quickbooks!

Mint – If you or you boss struggle with budgeting then Mint is the app you need! Take charge of your finances with their online budget planner that helps you understand your spending for a brighter financial future. Get Mint!

High-Yield Savings Accounts – A high-yield savings account will help you see a return for all that savings work. Not only do you receive interest, but moving money to accounts you don’t look at every day will actually help you keep the money there, Find an account!

For Your Office

Whiteboard Need to get all those amazing ideas out? Work up a new business workflow? Well then you need a whiteboard my friend! Get all thoughts out before finalizing them, wipe it clean, and start again! This one linked even comes with magnets, markers, and an eraser!

Not a fan? View the best whiteboards on Amazon

Notepads If you own a business, chances are you need notepads (and lots of them!). From meeting notes, to quick reminders, to journaling, notepads are your best friends! These ones below come with it all!

Not a fan? View the best notepads on Amazon

Happy Light Okay, you may not have heard of a happy light before, but YOU NEED IT. Whether you have Seasonal Affective Disorder or you just can’t stand the long, dark days of winter, a happy light helps. It mimics the sun’s positive effects; perking you up and helping you feel more energized.

Not a fan? View the best happy lights on Amazon

Standing Desk We all know how bad sitting all day can be on your health and well being. it leads to poor posture, back pain, and even an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and early death. A standing desk helps remedy these risks and make working in the office all day much more bearable.

Not a fan? View the best standing desks on Amazon

Essential Oils – Using essential oils for aromatherapy is beneficial for some many aspects. From stress relief to reducing inflammation to helping you focus. Here are some of my favorite oils to diffuse.

Diffuser – Every boss needs a desk worthy diffuser to get those essential oils flowing through the air and helping you work. This one is my favorite with color options and spray options plus a sleek look!

Not a fan? View the best diffusers on Amazon

Mouse Pad Give your wrist a break from all the scrolling and give your desk a cute spruce up with a new mousepad. This one comes with almost 25 different color options.

Not a fan? View the best mouse pads on Amazon

Social Media

Canva – For the ready to go social media graphics that are always on brand, look no further than Canva. The free version is great but for $12/month the Pro version is worth every penny. Upload your own fonts, turn graphics into gifs, and more! Get Canva!

Planoly – Planoly will be your best friend for scheduling out your Instagram content. With auto posting you can schedule your content and not have to worry about when to post! Get Planoly!

Ring Light – Tired of taking selfies and the light looking bad? A ring light is all you need! For major photos/recording the standing option is definitely the way to go. Or get the phone clip on option for on-the-go photos.

Not a fan? View the best ring lights on Amazon

Tripod – It can be hard to get photos for social media without someone to take the photos of you. Enter the handy tripod. This amazing tool will literally stand/wrap anyway, ensuring you always get the best snap for your gram.

Not a fan? View the best tripods on Amazon

Turbo Tax – The combination of Quickbooks and Turbo Tax is a boss’ dream. Simply connect the two and with one click import all expenses and profits, answer a few questions, and your business (and personal) taxes are filed within no time! Goodbye CPA! Get Turbo Tax!

Business Books

Essentialism – This could arguably also go under personal books, but this book is a game changer in how we think about running and operating our business. Learn the true form of decluttering with this book.

Building A Story Brand – Transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your customers.

You’re a Badass at Making Money – While the entire You’re A Badass series are great, this one is particularly great for business owners and their mindset with money.

Profit First – This one probably should have gone first, but this book is truly such an amazing guide for creating a profit for your business, and it’s even easier than you think!

Want more? View the best business books on Amazon


Time Management

Phone Safe – Okay, so this isn’t actually a safe for your phone BUT, if you struggle staying focused and find yourself scrolling on your phone too often during the work day, then you need this safe! Lock your phone away for a couple hours and get all your work done!

Amazon Echo – I use my Echo for so many business things, from asking questions to setting timers it helps me keep going and focused through the day. It’s pretty much an assistant.

Hourglass – Set yourself quick timers while also adding decor to your desk or office!

Erin Condren Planner – These planners are my absolute favorite for keeping track of all. the. things. Get the planner!


Massage gift cards – Every boss needs a massage. End of story.

Audiobook subscriptions – Who has time to sit and read these days? Just listen instead! Get Audiobooks and listen to any book on that long commute. Get started now!

Aaptiv – Aaptiv is a personal trainer in an app, or rather lots of them. There are tons of workouts to choose from and always new classes being added! And it’s way cheaper than a personal trainer. Get Aaptiv!

Succulent subscription – This could also be under “For The Office” but I personally think succulents and low maintenance plants are great as mood enhancers. Plus it feels good to keep something alive and these are about as easy as they come. Most succulents only need good light and little water to live. If only it were that easy for bosses. Get succulents sent to your office door now.

Water Bottle – It’s important to stay hydrated while slaying those business proposals, and a helpful water bottle will make it that much easier. This one let’s you know when to drink and refill.

Not a fan? View the best water bottles on Amazon

Blue Light glasses – I’m sure by now you’ve heard or at least seen the latest trend of blue light blocking glasses. The idea is these glasses block the blue lights your eyes work so hard to process all day. Much of which continues to happen when you sleep, meaning you don’t get your most restful night.

Not a fan? View the best blue light glasses on Amazon

Essential Oils – So we already talked about essential oils for your office, but essential oils help in self-care just as much. Lavender and eucalyptus are amazing for calming the body and nerves. Peppermint and lemon are fabulous at energizing. And let’s be real they all smell amazing.

Salt Lamp – Salt lamps are believed to boost mood, improve sleep, ease allergies, help people with asthma breathe better, and clean the air, among other benefits. Plus they’ look pretty and help me feel more calm.

Not a fan? View the best salt lamps on Amazon

Staying Caffeinated

French Press – Nothing says I’m a real boss like brewing up some french press coffee from your desk. It punches an extra pack too so it’ll really help you keep going through the day.

Not a fan? View the best french presses on Amazon

Coffee subscriptions – No boss has time for remembering to pick up coffee grinds or k-cups. Get them sent straight to your door.

Coffee mugs – I won’t tell if you aren’t drinking coffee out of here. But you should look good while doing it

Not a fan? View the best coffee mugs on Amazon

Tea subscriptions – Not a coffee fan? That’s okay, you can get tea sent to your door just as easily!

Tea strainer – No tea drinker is complete with a tea strainer.

Personal Books

You Are A Badass – In the same series about Making Money, this book will absolutely change your outlook on inner-self

The universe Has Your Back – Read all about your number one cheerleader and the one who knows exactly where you’re going; the universe.

Cure: A Journey into the Science of Mind Over Body – This is a truly powerful book and full of science and evidence about how truly strong the power of your mind is.

Alright y’al! This is it for the 2019 list of gifts for the boss in your life!! Did I miss something or you want to chat about an item? Reach out to me here!