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4 Things We Are Changing in 2019

Welcome to the first blog post of 2019, and my new content structure!! I had several reasons for implementing a new structure but the most important being; I felt stuck. Seriously, Q4 blew it big for me and I was left feel stuck, confused, and unsure of how to proceed. So I did what any respectable entrepreneur would do, I did nothing.

That’s right, instead of spending the end of the quarter fighting things, forcing new ideas or trying to make something stick, I just sat with it. And honestly, for awhile it really sucked and I felt like I was being lazy and not accomplishing anything. I was unmotivated and not energized about pretty much everything.

Thanks to some solid meditation, an infrared sauna session, and the most amazing sensory deprivation float; I came out of 2018 never more clear on what I needed to do next. Suddenly the ideas couldn’t stop coming, and the path I wanted to take became very evident. So, all that to basically say; you got some gooood shit coming for you in 2019 from Nassar Creative + Soul, such as…

That brand new content structure I mentioned earlier

I was getting really sick of the old content method. Post, post, post. And I didn’t feel the content was the quality it needed to be. Moving forward, I’ll be airing a video (like the one below) once a week accompanied by a more thorough blog post (like this). I am still toying with what day of the week, but I’m currently leaning towards Tuesday or Wednesday. I have decided to have the blog posts come immediately after the video but I’m still open to suggestions!

I’ll also be starting a new video series called, Ask Ashley. I’ll be gathering all of your questions and grouping them into quick videos. Like the aforementioned structure, the video will be a synopsis of the blog post that will follow with all kinds of resources, links, guides, you name it.

You’ll be able to receive this content in several ways. The easiest and quickest way is to subscribe to the newsletter. Each week you’ll get the video and accompanying blog post straight to your inbox. Of course you can also check back here on my website each week, or follow along on social media!

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New Launch coming for end of Q1

So I obviously won’t spoil the fun too much here, but I’ve had a launch allll planned out for awhile now and I’ve finally pulled the trigger on launching it. You’ll soon be seeing some hints and funnels coming if you keep your eye out 😉

Community focused  

I’ve really realized lately I don’t love the social media frenzy. And I’m not just talking about the constant posting and perfectly curated feeds. But also the online group scouting, waiting for someone to ask for web designer, so myself and 50 others can respond and hope something comes from it. Now, I now this may sound very hypocritical considering I offer digital marketing packages. But, I just don’t enjoy for my business. Don’t ask me to explain, I really cant. Maybe because I’m the face of my brand it feels fake or sleazy?? Who knows…

I’ve realized connecting in person invigorates me so much more. So, 2019 will be all about getting local in the community. I plan to post a lot less feed content, and more story/real time (well, posted after the fact, I’m all about being present). As well as more series focused content, and in person events. Don’t worry I’ll still be scrolling my feeds to pass the time and we can absolutely connect there, I just don’t want that to be my main focus and where I feel forced to show up.

Redesigned Website

When I rebranded this summer, so much of the direction came from this vision I had for the website. Sadly that vision didn’t match the execution, and I was left not loving my new site. It’s hard to design your own website when you’re a developer/designer, there’s so many things to try and techniques to play with, that it ends up being too much. So, stay tuned for the new and improved website.

I just know 2019 is going to be a great year and I can’t wait to see what things look like at the end of it!