4 Surefire Blog Promotion Tips – Part 2 of Blogging Series

4 Surefire Blog Promotion Tips – Part 2 of Blogging Series

Promoting your blog in 2017 can be overwhelming. I mean just google “how to promote your blog” and you’ll see plenty of “101 ideas”. Seriously… 101? I’m not sure about you but I have no time to be doing 101 things, on top of the 101 things I already do for my business. Making this, in my opinion, one of the largest reasons people don’t keep up with their blog. Also the reason why I’ve only listed 4 surefire blog promotion tips below!

Let’s be honest, if you have thousands of followers and are making money off your blog, I doubt you’re here today reading this. And if you are, please share with us your vast wisdom, because it’s the dream to be successful for your thoughts and wisdom!


Lucky for you, we’ve covered a lot of this in yesterday’s post and in my SEO essentials. Before any and everything; know your target audience, and provide helpful resources and knowledge with them. Form real relationships with people who will in turn trust you enough to want to share your blog. If you’ve already covered this, you’re doing great! Keep on keeping on. If you haven’t, I really encourage you to take some time and prioritize this. Post a comment and we can chat through anything that may be stumping you here.



    Okay, so this one seems to be missed over often. You already have people coming to your website, so clearly they’re interested in what you’re offering. Chances are very high they will also be interested in your blogs. Gather emails like it’s your life. Not joking, go right now and make it your life. There are a lot of ways to do this, my recommendation would be to start with MailChimp. It’s free and easy to move over when you outgrow it. They also make a nifty subscription box you can pop into almost any website, you can see mine at the bottom of this page.
    Now, once you get that list (and keep growing it), there are a few things you need to be doing with it. For starters, and I hope this was obvious, but you need to be emailing them your new posts. These are your most loyal fans, I mean they like you enough to ask you to put another email in their inbox (are we dating now?), capitalize on that! They are most likely to share your information and they are most likely to care. It will also benefit you to create a newsletter, combining your last few posts into one email and capture those people who missed it the first time.


    Targeted what? So I know that phrase seems a little stiff but I’m going to break it down. To start with, when you know your target market, you know who to share your posts with. My target market is creative women entrepreneurs, so when I create a post that relates to them, I’m going to share it everywhere they are. Literally everywhere. Moving on, find people who have shared or written similar content, and connect them to your post. I clearly enjoy researching and reading about social media and all things SEO. So if someone sends me a post of theirs related to that subject, I’m going to be ecstatic and read through it ASAP. Hashtags are a great resource here as well. Search hashtags that relate to your post and you’ll find not only people looking for that information, but people providing it. Both categories that are people to distribute to.
    Now that you’ve found these people, it’s important to build some reputation. You can do this with influencers and relevant people. In my post yesterday I shared a link from Ramsay of BlogTyrant. I not only will reach out to Ramsay and tell him that I found his information useful enough to share with you wonderful humans, but I will also ask him to review it. Why? Well he’s either going to think it’s great and possibly share it with his audience, or he’s going to give me recommendations for improvement. I guess the third option could be to just ignore me (but that’s rare and you don’t want to share anyone like that).


    This could have been first but ugh. Y’all, sometimes I feel like I never shut up about social media. But that’s only because of how great it is. It’s free (feel a reoccurring theme here?), easy to cross share and allows people not in your direct following to find you. Find the best times to post for your audience and make sure you’re posting to all platforms for the most exposure. Also feel free to re-share the information in intervals. I know (because of using UNUM) that I have two peak Instagram times today, so why wouldn’t I share my blog during both of those? Add your blog link into your social media profiles. If you got here through Instagram, it’s because of the link in my bio. Now anyone who happens upon my profile is going to see the link.
    I generally only share on social media (it’s in my goals to fix that, but baby steps). Below is a screen shot from my google analytics page. And for each of those peaks, there’s a correlating blog post.


    Last but surely not least. Find your tribe and love them hard! Join communities that relate to your niche, and help answer questions. But do so with your blog. So if someone posts on RTS, “I’m having issues getting my blog exposure”. I would comment back “It can be hard but I’ve written a blog series to help with that [insert link]”. Now I’m being a resource and gaining exposure. There’s nothing fake about that, the whole point of my blog is to help (as should yours). Find people who are looking for guest bloggers in your niche as well. This helps you reach a completely different audience while also gaining trust and reputation.
    Make sure you comment and engage with people, genuinely. People can smell a sale a mile away and will run fast.

I hope these 4 surefire blog promotion tips have helped you. Did I miss something? Want to know more about a topic? Comment below and let me know. At the end of the series I will address all questions in a special post! Also make sure to check out the last post in this series on Friday to read about helpful tools for your blog.